The Anti-Gang Bill 2010

The Anti-gang bill, which was introduced on July, 16th 2010, aims to eliminate criminal gangs, whose presence have been growing in the recent years. Not only does it criminalize the act of joining a gang, but the bill also features some articles that attempt to dissuade individuals from harboring gang members.

As stated in the Bill, gang members or people who attempt to be members can serve a sentence of up to twenty years and should those convicted be a leader of a gang, they can be put in jail for the rest of their lives. Although not as severe, the penalty for a police officials guilty of breaking this act is imprisonment for up to 25 years.

Even if not technically a member of a gang, people who aid members or commit acts directed by  a gang member, are guilty of breaking the articles of this bill and are liable to a fine and 25 years in jail. Liable to face 15 years are persons who harbors wanted gang members.

People who possess bullet proof vests, firearms, or ammunitions, that are intended to be use for gang related activities, will, if convicted, face a sentence not exceeding 15 years.

The bill also seek to gave the police the authority to  arrest, without a warrant, anyone who is suspected of being a gang member.

This bill was referred to committee in December and is just one step away from being a law.


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