Trinbagospeak is an impartial blog that seeks to inform the public on the important developments in Trinidad and Tobago’s parliament, where the laws of the country are formed. Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of our democracy, which is a relatively young one, by clearly presenting the proposals, bills, and laws that are being considered by our leaders.

In our country, it is important that the citizens are aware of the measures taken by our representatives to protect our rights and our ability to live a pleasant life, as guaranteed in our constitution. Therefore, Trinbagospeak will attempt to describe the consequences, intended or otherwise, of the proposed bills and laws.

As Trinbagospeak overall purpose is to improve our democracy,  it will also present other features intended to help the public better understand the political history of our republic, giving  a modest civic education, which will only inspire and improve our readers. Trinbagospeak will feature a page, called Constitution, where it will acquaint our readers with the founding document on which our democracy is built.

Also featured on the blog is a page called Ministers, where it will introduce our readers to the current Ministers, who are each responsible for a portfolio that describes their important duties. There will be other features on the blog, all of which are connected to the central mission of improving our country.

Trinbagospeak will help its readers track and better understand the activities of the Trinidad and Tobago legislature, thus giving them, you,  the ability to hold our leaders more responsible.


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